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Key Endorsements

Mayor London Breed

Senator Scott Wiener

The San Francisco Chronicle

United Democratic Club

Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club

The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization (PIVOT)

Tech Worker Voter Guide

The Potrero View

Run for Something

Wendy Aragon, Richmond District Community Leader; Former Member, Save City College Coalition

Professor David Parr, Chair of City College Theatre Arts Department

Professor Janet Carpenter, City College Art Department

Professor Jackie Davis-Martin, City College English Department

Professor Julie Young, City College English Department

Professor Leila Easa, English Faculty and Creative Writing Lead, City College

Professor Emeritus Diana Scott, City College Art Department

Professor Steven Brown, Chair of City College Environmental Horticulture/Floristry Department 

Professor David Lang, Chair, Department of Economics, California State University, Sacramento


I'm nobody but Ms. Quick's endorsements are persuasive, so I'm happy to join them. (I do vote in San Francisco and have done so for the last 50 years). — James Carter

It is my pleasure to write this letter of support and endorsement for Jeanette Quick, candidate for City College Board. I have known Ms. Quick for roughly three years now and have had many conversations with her. From these interactions, I feel comfortable saying that I know no one who would be better suited for this position and I look forward to her service in this capacity for many years to come.

Quite simply, Jeanette is exceptional at most anything she does. Fortunately, she has chosen to utilize her remarkable skills to help better our society and advocating for those in need. Her work life centers around developing small businesses and empowering individuals. She has been on the Board of the Tenderloin Equitable Development Project and volunteers and participates in several organizations in the greater San Francisco area. Beyond Northern California, Jeanette is an Eisenhower fellow, a Truman National Security Project Political Partner, and an elected member
of the Pacific Council on International Policy. In terms of her education, before obtaining her law degree from Georgetown University, Jeanette is a product of the California Community College system, where she took classes while still in high school, and the University of California system where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree.

City College, like the other entities in California’s higher educational system, does not operate in a vacuum but rather as a critical component where what happens on one campus greatly impacts what happens throughout the system. I can say first-hand that we in the California State University campuses rely heavily on the ability of the Community Colleges preparing our students whether by sending them to us or out into the labor force with an enhanced set of skills.

From my interactions with Jeanette and the profound experience and expertise that she brings to the table, I am certain that City College and her fellow Board members will benefit greatly from her analytic mind, as well as from her ability to simplify the abstract and her ease in communications. I am proud to endorse and support Ms. Jeanette Quick for City College Board.

— Professor David Lang

Ms Quick is the only candidate who has reached out to me. I am impressed with her legal background which is apparently desperately needed at City College. I am concerned about attempts to “solve” the financial mismanagement issue. — Wayne (Edward) Sanders

I'm supporting Jeanette Quick because we need someone who will fight for the heart and soul of CCSF as a college that serves the community. Jeanette has been a vital member of the CCSF community with a direct view into how CCSF is being dismantled into a transfer factory and under siege by its own administration for the last five years. We need board members who will stand up to repeated salary increases for administrators who slash and burn classes and faculty only to parachute out with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their pockets. Jeanette knows firsthand the importance of a diverse faculty and diverse course offerings that serve all of San Francisco. We at CCSF are tired of business as usual and need new voices and vision to change course. — Julie Young

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